SELISE Talent Acquisition Platform

Talent Acquisition & Retention with Job Portal

Industry-standard recruitment processes built with over 10yrs of recruitment experience

Talentor is an end-to-end recruitment processing tool with a talent pool, for use by recruitment agencies & businesses

Any company that recruits people can benefit from our platform


Leverage expert-level tools & know-how

Fill your pipeline quickly with one-click job postings to popular sites, referrals (with tracking) and more.


Streamlined processes and KPIs

Place candidates faster and measure success through KPIs developed with over 10 years of industry experience

Make the right hires, faster with the world's easiest recruiting software


Find and attract candidates

Fill your pipeline quickly with one-click job posting to popular sites, referrals (with tracking) and more


Move the right applicants forward

Collaborate with internal teams to evaluate applicants and get AI feedback to decide who's best


Make the best hire in half the time

Move faster on a recruitment platform that automates; go from posting a job to discovering the best candidates in 3 minutes

Power of Recruitment Agencies Brought to Businesses

We bring you the same set of tools that help our partners recruit the best candidates for 3000+ companies

Job Openings

  • All openings and archive
  • Search and filter
  • Appy as a candidate

Candidate Portal

  • Saved jobs
  • Applied jobs
  • My profile

3rd Party Integrations

  • Career Job Portal, e.g.
  • Send jobs to Linkedin, Xing, Indeed & Glassdoor

Intelligent Tools

  • Automatic Talent Matching tool
  • Jobs vs Candidate matching
  • Keyword Search Within CV

Add genuine value to your recruitment process

Customizable career pages

Boost your brand (or hide the brands you work for as a recruiting agency) in just a few clicks.

Mobile-friendly application forms

Make it easy to apply with one-click applications, mobile optimization and resume auto-fill.

Language options

Reach candidates in their native language with multilingual templates and career pages.

Interview self-scheduling

Cut the back-and-forth and let your candidates schedule a time that works best with self-schedule links.

All the apps in the SELISE Digital Platform can work together to deliver the customisation you need

Calendar and Task Manager

Customizable, offline-sync ready calendar app with integrations into Events & Tasks in your app-ecosystem, and web-hook features

Quiz, Assessment & Qualifications

Versatile set of tools to create & fill out assessments in a qualifying or screening process, with certificate validation


Engage at scale using SELISE signature, to prepare and send documents for signature and get instant visibility into document status

Let's grow together 

SELISE helps companies of all sizes meet their tech-demand at scale

Our customer-first approach is geared to fuel fresh narratives about technology. We craft digital value to help customers worldwide rise above their competition.